Furniture and Floors

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We all want to protect our furniture and floors from getting damaged but it is often the furniture that damages the floor. Furniture is perhaps notorious for damaging floors as when we move it for whatever reason, it often scratches the floor. It is for this reason, and the fact that furniture is often awkward to move, that many of us will just sweep around the furniture rather than moving it to sweep underneath.

However today, there is a way we can move the furniture regularly with the minimum of effort and with no worries about damaging the floor when we do, allowing us to easily move the furniture to sweep, rearrange or relocate and not be concerned that the floor may get damaged. This is due to the fact that furniture buffers are now available to buy. Furniture buffers, which you can learn more about at are pads which are attached to the feet of furniture making that piece of furniture easy to move and safe to floors as we do move it.

The pads are made from super compressed felt and so will not cause damage to flooring of any type, not even hard wood floors or linoleum covered floors. Once the pads have been attached to the feet of an item of furniture that piece of furniture can be easily pushed across the floor without damaging either the furniture or the floor. This not only makes cleaning thoroughly a breeze but also makes moving for relocation a lot easier.

The pads are coated with glue on one side and so all that is required is for you to remove the glue’s covering and then place the pad on the furniture’s foot, as the pads are durable and strong, there is no need to ever remove them and as testament to that, the manufacturers provide a lifetime guarantee for their product. To cater to the different sizes of furniture that there are, the pads are made in several different sizes but if you cannot find one the exact size you need, simply get a pair of scissors and trim it to the size you need.

Obviously as these pads were designed for use with furniture, they are sized for furniture but as people have found them equally useful for protecting their tables from damage from ornaments by placing pads on the bottom of ornaments, the pads are often trimmed to size for this purpose.

As you are likely to have chairs and tables with different foot sizes, a popular choice is to get a variety pack of pads which comes with a variety of sized pads. Although all the pads were originally black, now clear pads are also available and these are perhaps preferable for placing on the bottom of things such as vases. If you are a laptop user you may also want to consider placing pads under the laptop as they will lift the laptop, allowing air to circulate underneath, keeping the laptop cooler.