14 weeks pregnant and back in America

Things have been crazy these past few weeks: we moved out of our Korea apartment, moved into a hotel, flew 7,000 miles back to the East Coast, and arrived in D.C. on November 12. Since then. we have been spending time with family and friends, and eating a TON of American food. I don’t have a 14 week pregnancy photo, hopefully I can make up for it for 15 weeks, but here is my baby update!

americaHow far along: 14 weeks
Gender: We like to call the baby Emerald, even though we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet. (And no, that isn’t going to be the baby’s name if it’s a girl.)
Weight gain: About 5 pounds.(Probably more now, since I weighed myself on Monday and I had cracker barrel yesterday)
Maternity clothes: I bought maternity jeans today from Old Navy. They fit perfectly. I’m excited to have them for Disney in less than 2 weeks. I also bought a Belly Band (it’s called something else though) from Target.
Stretch marks: I don’t think so. I have been using lots of cocoa butter.
Belly button in or out: Innie
Sleep: Glad to not be sleeping on a Korean mattress anymore. I am still jet lagged, but I am falling asleep really fast and then waking up too early.
Best moment this week: coming back to America!!!
Worst moment this week: Losing a member of our family, Aunt Joyce will be missed.
Miss anything: Lunch meat.
Movement: Nope. Can’t wait to feel some though!
Cravings: Carbs, mainly soft pretzels and bagels. I just want carbs all day, every day.
Queasy or sick: Just jet lagged. It has been 8 days, when will it end?
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping!!!

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2 thoughts on “14 weeks pregnant and back in America

  1. Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. Glad you are feeling better. Sorry for the family loss, I am assuming this was Jim’s aunt? Take care of yourself…and enjoy being back home!!!!

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