35 Weeks Pregnant


How far along: 35 weeks
Gender: boy
Weight gain: 27 pounds
Maternity clothes: My sister-in-law just loaned me some pregnancy shorts! Thank goodness because it’s getting warm. She also brought me some tops!
Stretch marks: Nope, crossing my fingers that it stays that way!
Belly button in or out: flat
Sleep: sleeping sucks. Rolling out of bed (our bed is high and memory foam) to go to the bathroom is the worst ever.
Best moment this week: Little Jimmie’s Ultra Sound, we got to see him in 3D!
Worst moment this week: Not sleeping and Jim getting his wisdom teeth out.
Miss anything: Having a beer at a BBQ.
Movement: Jimmie is rolling around.
Cravings: Chinese food. I haven’t given in except for a few lean cuisines to try to satisfy the craving, no such luck.
Queasy or sick: TIRED!
Looking forward to: Easter and finishing up the nursery by hanging my Dad’s paintings that he brought down today.

Baby Shower Love for Little Jimmie

This past Sunday was my Baby Shower! It was so much fun seeing everyone, eating fabulous Italian food and the best cake in the world, and getting so many wonderful items for Little Jimmie. He is one lucky little boy and I am one lucky mamma! A huge thanks to everyone who came to help celebrate, we feel so loved.




I loved this candy bar! The white chocolate popcorn was so addicting; so were the caramel creams, soft mints, and swedish fish.


me and my mom

me and my mother-in-law

me and my mother-in-law



Cousins by blood, best friends by choice <3

Cousins by blood, best friends by choice <3



We met at the bus stop when we were 2, now we're pregnant together!

We met at the bus stop when we were 2, now we’re pregnant together!

me and Alicia

me and Alicia


showered with love!



Little Jimmie’s Ultra Sound Photos

Today was Jimmie’s final ultra sound. The next time we see him, he will be outside of my belly! Kind of hard to believe that in less than 6 weeks (give or take a week or two) he will be here with us. Here are Jimmie’s ultra sound photos as he grew from a little “frog” to a baby boy with a very big head. To quote the doctor, his words of advice to me today were, “Push hard.” Thanks Doc, I’ll do my best!

jimmie 9 weeks

Our little “frog” at 9 weeks

Jimmie 20 Weeks

20 weeks


Jimmie It's a boy

Jimmie 32 weeks

32 weeks

Jimmie 34 weeks

34 weeks

Jimmie 3D 34 weeks

Today we were very lucky and had an amazing ultra sound technician. We were given a chance to see Jimmie in 3D! I was not expecting any 3D pictures, but I am so grateful we have some. Jimmie was a little shy but the photos turned out cute. Look at his big lips and nose!

Other than confirming that baby’s head is huge, today, we found out Jimmie is weighing in at about 5 pounds 7 oz. At our last ultra sound, 2 weeks ago, he weighed about 4 pounds 8 oz; Jimmie enjoyed a lot of cake this weekend at his shower.

34 Weeks Pregnant

rosie 34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks
Gender: boy
Weight gain: 25 + pounds. I am so afraid to weight myself because I have had SO much to eat this weekend in NJ. I will take the dreaded step on the scale on Tuesday morning.
Maternity clothes: All maternity but my Phillies jersey and sweatshirt still fit wooo!
Stretch marks: Nope, Jim told me he doesn’t see any!
Belly button in or out: half and half
Sleep: I can sleep until about 4:30 (but still wake up to pee a few times before then) and then it takes me 2 hours to fall back asleep.
Best moment this week: My Baby Shower! I have amazing family and friends! I am so blessed and lucky.
Worst moment this week: Finding out the Phillies Home Opener was changed to Tuesday due to rain; we have to go back to MD before then.
Miss anything: Sleeping a whole night without tossing and turning.
Movement: Moving into my ribs, ouch!
Cravings: Lemonade again this week.
Queasy or sick: Feeling pretty good except for back pain.
Looking forward to: Setting up the nursery more this week, washing baby clothes, and hosting my family on Saturday for a BBQ.



As you can see, my hair is way shorter! I took the plunge and cut 7 inches off; I figured it would be great for the summer and for having a baby, plus hair always grows back. Stay tuned for baby shower photos later this week!

Top Ten Pinterest Easter Finds

It’s always so much fun to come up with these lists for the holidays. Not only do I find stuff that I love and end up using for my own holiday crafts/cooking, but I also discover some really cool blogs. Easter is right around the corner, so let’s get to the good stuff!

bunny10. I have talked about the Happy Home Fairy on here before. Once again, she has cute holiday ideas! I love these little Easter Bunny foot prints for the sidewalk! I bet my nephew would love them. There are also a ton of other Easter Bunny ideas connected to this link,

bunny29. I may just have to do this for dessert this year. I am loving strawberries all day, every day and this chocolate bunny adds so much uniqueness to the chocolate covered strawberries dessert idea. It would make a great centerpiece too! Thanks to In the Studio, for the idea.


8. I found a yummy sugar-free strawberry lemonade mix at Target this week. I think this peeps straw idea would be so cute in a glass with some lemonade for Easter. We are also hosting a Palm Sunday (Saturday) BBQ. Lemonade and burgers, yes, please! Thanks The Autocrat!

bunny 47. I just bought cute napkins for Easter on sale at Target. I think I’ll have to use these cute homemade napkin rings to spice them up!


6. There are a bunch of centerpiece ideas for Easter on here. But I particularly love this one. Thanks, Top Dreamer!


5. Here is a recipe for the “best ham ever” and coined as “Grandma’s Holiday Ham.” I may have to give it a shot to see if all the hype is true! Thanks for the recipe, Eatin’ on the Cheap Blog!

leftover4. And here are 30 ideas for what to do with the leftovers. We will probably eat ham for weeks, after Easter, especially since I”ll be due soon and will not want to cook! Thanks, Tipnut!

salad3. We have so many cans of beans, it’s insane. This Four Bean Easter Salad will make the perfect salad for Easter; lots of beans, good for me and good for the baby. Thanks, She Knows Food and Recipes!

fruit2. I wanted to make a fruit salad for our Palm Saturday BBQ. I think I found our winner for the best Easter fruit salad EVER; I love poppysead dressing! I am making this one, for sure. Thanks Homemade by Holman.


1. Next year will be Little Jimmie’s first Easter! (Just saying that makes the time seem like it wil fly by; he will be almost 1!) Here are 101 ideas for a baby’s first Easter basket!


What I Didn’t Know Until I was Pregnant

sleepingThere are tons of things to know about being pregnant: from what to eat/what you can’t eat, what to buy/what you really don’t need to buy, and things you should do/shouldn’t do while pregnant. There is no way to know it all. After reading books, blogs, talking to other moms, and talking to my doctor, here is what I learned.

You can’t have certain cheeses: I always knew about the no lunch meat thing and no sushi, but now I can’t eat blue cheese? This sucks! I miss my cheese, but soon I can eat it all again! I still dig into cheddar, mozzarella, American cheese, etc. I just avoid blue cheese, brie, and other “soft cheeses.” Not gonna lie though, I have had some Mexican soft cheese, I survived, and so did the baby. Check out other things you can’t eat here.

You can’t lay on your back for long periods of time (especially when you sleep!): I was NEVER a back sleeper. But now I keep waking up on my back. What gives? The baby could squish your organs, though, once you are in your third trimester. So if you wake up on your back, don’t panic, just roll over.

You don’t start to look pregnant (at least your first time around) until at least 12-15 weeks: I really thought I would look pregnant immediately, now I know that thought is ridiculous. I didn’t even show all the time until 22ish weeks. Now, at 33 weeks, there really is no hiding it.

Pacifiers are made in different sizes:  This blew my mind away. I thought it was one size fits all, but there are at least three different sizes: newborn, size 2, and size 3. Make sure you’re not giving your child the wrong size at the wrong time. (I also didn’t know about different bottle nipples [slow, medium, and fast.]) Make sure you’re registering for a varity of bottle nipples and pacifiers.

They make disposable bibs: This is my most recent find, not that I’m buying them. But seriously, who knew? If you are a mom on the go that REALLY doesn’t have time to wash bibs, you can buy these. I saw them at Target.

Your doctors appointments are short: I thought my doctors would tell me all of this stuff about being pregnant. Unless you ask, they won’t tell you. I love my doctors, but unless I have questions, my appointments consist of them measuring my uterus growth, checking my BP/weight, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. Most appointments last less than 10 minutes.  Make a list of questions, ask them, and don’t feel bad about it!

You don’t have an ultrasound at every appointment: I don’t know why I thought I would get to see the baby ALL the time, but you don’t. I even had to go to another place to get my ultrasounds, not my normal doctor’s office. You get 2-3 (more if there are any complications.)

People don’t touch your belly as much as you would think: Minus family and friends, I have only had ONE person touch my belly. Granted, we were talking to them while waiting for a table at a restaurant, so it wasn’t completely random; it was odd, but not the end of the world. No random person has come up to me, out of no where, and touched my belly. I hope it stays that way because I have space issues, and I would probably throw a fit.

You really don’t need pregnancy coats: I’m glad I didn’t buy a pregnancy winter coat. Most likely, you can use your old coats for you pregnancy. I barely fit into my spring coat now, but I will just stop buttoning it, or wear a zip up hoodie, unzipped. Save your money for baby stuff!

Pregnancy nesting is REAL: I thought it was crazy. I thought, “Hey, that’ll never happen to me.” But then I bought clothes for the baby online the other day because I thought Little Jimmie was going to be naked if I didn’t. My mom told me I should have waited till AFTER my shower, but I panicked. I can always return stuff I bought, but that is doubtful.

Baby furniture is expensive: Save yourself the trouble and buy regular furniture, with the exception of the crib. As soon as the word baby goes in front of furniture,  the price doubles. (Dressers make great changing tables!)

Nursing clothes are more expensive that maternity clothes: I am fortunate enough to be having my baby right before summer, therefore finding clothes for nursing shouldn’t be as hard as it would be for women giving birth in the dead of winter. But I can not fathom spending $30-45 on an actual nursing shirt. First off, most of them are hideous, and second, I usually don’t even spend that much on a NORMAL shirt. My theory is just buy shirts that have buttons or low cuts that you can pull down. Target also sells nursing tank tops for reasonable prices, as well as, bras. I also wish I would have bought more maternity clothes that double as nursing clothes. That would have made more sense, but I didn’t realize this until I had cut myself off from buying maternity clothes.

I am no expert at all things baby, but these are a few things I learned along the way. I’m sure there is more! Feel free to comment and add your own. Moms need to stick together and help each other out!

Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge Review

I have been having back pains from pregnancy since around 27 weeks. This is really the only annoying symptom I can even really complain about, so I shouldn’t complain, but it still stinks. I have tried getting comfortable with a body pillow (refused to buy a pregnancy pillow) and other random pillows in our house. With no such luck, I almost gave up.


The other day, I was walking around the PX (department store for military) and I saw the Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge. I had been wanting to make some kind of pillow, but knew if I did, it wouldn’t be firm enough. This pillow looked perfect. I brought it home and tried it out on the couch while watching TV. It worked great for my back pain! The wedge is made with foam instead of pillow stuffing. I am able to sit up straight with it behind me and not have any pain. I am also able to lean on my side with it, wedged behind my back, and not feel any pain. It was a miracle; I had been tossing and turning while sitting on the couch for weeks.

boppy2I decided to give it a shot for sleeping (I usually just wedge a small stuffed bear under my belly). The pregnancy wedge ended up being uncomfortable to sleep with, which wasn’t a big deal. The stuffed bear works fine, but I thought the wedge may work better. I plan on taking the Boppy Pregnancy Pillow Wedge in the car with me on longer car rides because that’s when I most uncomfortable sitting. Hopefully it helps me in the car too.

I hope this helps relieve your back pain. I am also planning on getting a pregnancy massage soon. My pillow was only $18 at the PX, but I saw it on Amazon for $19.99. I plan on continuing to use this after I give birth while I breastfeed to continue to support my back.


These are all of my opinions and I was not compensated for this review.